Personal Knowledge of  Yachts & Their Crews…

Chartering a yacht can be a valuable experience for prospective owners looking to move into a larger crewed yacht for the first time, as well as for an experienced owner moving to an entirely different type of yacht. By chartering a yacht similar to that being considered, one can enjoy an extended “test sail” under a variety of conditions and become comfortable with the overall design and layout offered by a particular yacht by spending several nights aboard. In addition, a prospective owner can interact with the crew and ask questions about the design and operation of the yacht. And finally – if nothing else – a prospective owner and family/friends can enjoy a great vacation on the water!

The team at Wellington Yachts has personal knowledge of many of the yachts and their crew available. We would be delighted to help you with charter arrangements, so that you may have the best experience possible leading up to the acquisition of a fine yacht.

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