A True Partnership…

Purchasing a yacht can be an emotional and complicated process. However, few experiences compare to the satisfaction of spending time aboard your own yacht. These occasions can bring family and friends closer, assist in developing business relationships and often mark the culmination of a lifetime of hard work. A yacht can be an ideal platform to seek adventure, create lasting memories and explore the world – perhaps just across the bay or thousands of miles away.

While we understand the passion behind buying a yacht, we are here to help guide you towards a yacht that will best suit your intended use while also offering exceptional value. That starts by really taking the time to understand what your intended uses and preferences are, and patiently taking the time to view as many boats as needed to feel comfortable and excited about your final choice.

We are well versed in the legal and organizational details inherent in such a purchase. Whether a buyer is considering offshore registration, inspection surveys, insurance, financing, transportation, tax and personal liability or professional yacht care, Wellington Yacht Partners has the network and experience to guide each client through the process in a personalized and professional manner.

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