Wellington Yacht Partners is an established yacht brokerage firm consisting of nine brokers with an average tenure of over thirty years in the industry. Our Partners are widely experienced, with many miles logged at sea and diverse work histories as yacht captains, merchant mariners, yacht designers, yacht builders and managers. We also have worked directly with premier brands such as Hinckley, Hunt Yachts, Grand Banks, Alden, Oyster, Bruckmann Yachts, Gunboat, Little Harbor, Hylas and Morris Yachts.

Today, one can be overwhelmed by the growing population of “virtual” yacht brokers who provide their services solely through a flat screen. At Wellington, we are dedicated to building and maintaining a relationship with you as we lead you through the important steps of acquiring or selling a fine yacht. Our success is ultimately measured by the level of enjoyment you, your family and friends experience on the water

Our team is uniquely close-knit and works in constant partnership, gaining and sharing valuable information and insight. At Wellington we not only value our client relationships, but also our working relationships with other brokers, surveyors, professional crew, boat yards, designers, builders, insurers and finance/documentation companies. We are always available to offer consultation and advice that we hope will enhance your overall experience and pride of ownership.