GRATEFUL for Family Time



A very nice couple with three boys from the Midwest approached us last summer to begin looking at a few sailboats. By late August, with COVID showing no signs of relief and schools unlikely to re-open, the family decided to acquire a sailboat for a winter of cruising and home schooling “away from it all.” They figured that if the kids were going to be “remote learning” anyway, and with sports cancelled, they might as well be together in an idyllic location. 

The owners decided on a 2006 Oyster 56 – a proven bluewater design that features a shoal keel, ideal for cruising the Bahamas, their intended destination. They quickly organized a few weeks of upgrades in New England, including new solar panels, batteries, rigging, safety gear and the usual variety of smaller projects, along with long-term provisioning and collection of curriculum materials needed for the school year.  

The family then set sail on the newly named “GRATEFUL,” with brief stops in Virginia and then South Carolina, where they waited for an ideal weather window.

Heading south

Late fall sunset at sea

After a safe, fast trip from Charleston to the Bahamas, they arrived in mid-December to continue their adventures and enjoy the endless rewards of their travels.

School work done – time to play!

The owner recently sent us this video with the kind note:

“Thanks for making this great day possible.”


As yacht brokers, there is nothing more gratifying than to see we are indeed helping friends and families realize the full and varied potential of life on the water. 

Ted Hood