NOVARA Explores the Ice



Steve, an experienced sailor and mountaineer from the UK, bought the Dutch-built 60′ sailing yacht NOVARA with a 5-year plan to circumnavigate the Americas, as well as Antarctica — with stops along the way to climb some of the most remote peaks. Following an appropriately cold sea trial in Maine, dodging ice flows with temps in the low teens, NOVARA successfully transited the Northwest Passage in 2014, continued along the west coasts of the Americas, and in March completed a two-month visit to Antarctica.

Novara, Exploring the Alaskan Coastline

Exploring the Alaskan Coastline

The ruggedly built, Aero-rigged design has proven to be an ideal choice for this kind of extreme-weather sailing.

Novara at Portal Point, Antarctica

At Portal Point, Antarctica

Novara, Southbound to Deception Island

Southbound to Deception Island

Novara, Pushing Off of an Iceberg

Pushing Off

NOVARA nestled comfortably in a protected anchorage along the southwest coast of Patagonia, late southern summer, 2017. At this time, Steve and his team were awaiting the next summer season to visit South Georgia and replicate Shackleton’s daring mountain climbing traverse.

Novara in a Protected Anchorage off the SW Coast of Patagonia

In a Protected Anchorage off the SW Coast of Patagonia