WYP client’s mission to circumnavigate the globe



Prentice “Tripp” Brower co-founder of Apparent Winds sought out Wellington Yacht Partners to help him find a vessel for his mission to circumnavigate the planet. RESILIENCE, a 75’ Palmer Johnson Ketch, was the vessel chosen for Apparent Winds as their platform for marine research while exploring the globe in search of collecting stories of environmental and cultural preservation.  

Tripp grew up constantly submerged in the waterways which make up the “Lowcountry” region of South Carolina. This is what fueled his passion for the water. 

In 2014 Tripp founded the Lowcountry Maritime School (LMS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to teaching young people math and science skills using boat building as a teaching platform. 

In 2019, his passion for the natural environment, a belief in the connectivity of people, and a desire to gain a broader perspective inspired Tripp to co-found Apparent Winds.  

Apparent Winds is dedicated to collecting and sharing stories of hope. Their mission is focused on environmental and cultural preservation around and throughout the world. The pursuit of knowledge and scientific discovery is at the core of Apparent Winds’ work. Throughout their expedition they conduct research and collect scientific data. This data is available to the scientific research community as well as the education community. In addition, RESILIENCE is available as a charter research vessel for scientists to conduct their own research aboard. 

Apparent Winds invite students to join in on the global conversations of how to curb the impact of human activity as well as explore ways to actively assist the natural world in its recovery. This includes sharing data, research, cultural stories and experiences with students in the classroom. Apparent Winds offer opportunities for live video streaming with Q & A between classrooms around the world and their crew members, scientists and people working to preserve their culture and environment. The goal is to give students access to something tangible and real that will help them to discover their ability to be impactful leaders in their world. 

For more information about Apparent Winds visit www.apparentwinds.com

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel: “The Apparent Winds Expedition” www.youtube.com/watch?v=ka9FNMuKsIs&t=21s